Buy XKL SkyFruit

XKL SkyFruit Overview

XKL SkyFruit is a range of products based on a proprietary extract designed to revitalize libido. XKL Worldwide claims to be the first company that has discovered a beneficial process by which to harvest and process sky fruit. It is not clear where they are based as their website only lists an email address.

XKL SkyFruit Product Details

In order to harness the sexual stimulation of skyfruit at its finest, XKL Worldwide says it has created the ultimate process by which to extract and formulate the South Pacific fruit. Used by indigenous peoples for thousands of years, skyfruit is said to have a long list of benefits, including supporting sex drive and energy. XKL Worldwide offers a variety of products containing skyfruit, from coffee to juice mixes to fiber capsules. While the website states that skyfruit has gained in recognition and popularity in recent years, it is not commonly used or mentioned by other companies making male enhancement products. The XKL Worldwide website includes doctor endorsements and testimonials attesting to the positive effects of skyfruit. Clinical trial information is also presented, however it is a study of patients with hypertension and diabetes, not sexual dysfunction. Prices range depending on product, but the basic price for a bottle of the concentrate is $60 before shipping and handling. Since it seems that the company is based outside the US, shipping may be expensive.

Good About XKL SkyFruit

  • A variety of formulas to choose from
  • All natural

Bad About XKL SkyFruit

  • Unclear where company is located
  • No contact information other than an email address
  • Does not contain any known aphrodisiacs or popular sexual stimulants

XKL SkyFruit, The Bottom Line

While it is possible that XKL SkyFruit can cause the long list of positive benefits that XKL Worldwide claims, they don’t provide enough information to present a convincing case for it as a sexual enhancement product. Additionally, it is always inadvisable to order products online from a company that does not disclose its location or provide complete contact information.